Kate Lindholm, Owner/Senior Teacher RYT 500, e-RYT 200 MFA, Advanced Trainer – Restorative Yoga, Director of Teacher Training

Kate Lindholm

Kate Lindholm

“I have been studying Yoga since 1998, and teaching since 2006. I believe my greatest strengths as a teacher are my ability to be non­judgmental and to foster that quality in my students; my openness to experimentation and individual experience amidst strong + diverse community, and my ability to communicate complex ideas in simple, user­-friendly language…Over the past several years, I have been privileged to study with Judith Hanson LasaterRay LongMax StromAadil Palkhivala, Francois Raoult, and Paula Tortolano Self, among others. I continue to be both humbled and infinitely grateful for the opportunity to practice, teach and share the amazing gift that is Yoga.”

Kate is a regional expert in Gentle, Beginners, and Restorative Yoga, and has created a unique blend of mindfulness, conscious breathing exercises and supported, simple poses for her classes. In 2013, Kate was selected as a Yoga Ambassador by Lululemon Athletica, a team-oriented opportunity for growing the vibrant yoga community in Kansas City. When not teaching or practicing Yoga, Kate can be found among the flowers + animals at her small urban homestead, Om Farm Rom, collecting eggs and playing with her life partner, Paul.

Sedona Alvarez


Sedona Alvarez, RYT 200

Sedona teaches real yoga for real people.  She received her 200 hr RYT in the Spring of 2013 through LifePower Yoga.  With roots in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin, she leads classes of all types to all levels of practitioners.  Her main focus as a teacher is not to instruct, but to guide.  Her classes are challenging and engaging on all levels. Known for her creative sequencing that encourages exploration, her classes will help you to lighten up in all areas of life.

With a BFA in Design from The University of Kansas, Sedona balances a career in the arts along side yoga.  She teaches painting and works both individually and collaboratively on projects spanning from installations to music videos.  Her mission through both art and yoga is to bring people together and to inspire others to become their best selves.  On the mat or otherwise, she encourages you to come as you are, learn, laugh, explore and evolve.

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Lisa Ash

Lisa Ash, Studio Manager, M. Ed

Lisa specializes in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Kid’s Yoga classes.  She has been avidly teaching yoga since 2008 and most recently completed a Yoga Teacher Training course in Bhakti Flow Yoga with San Francisco’s Rusty Wells.  She studied extensively with Kathleen Kastner-Mortenson, Christy Burnette of Phoenix’s Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts, Gretchen Robinson of Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga, Annie Carpenter of SMARTFlow Vinyasa, and Kate Lindholm of Westport Yoga.   Her background includes university degrees in Education and Religious Studies.  She holds a Masters in Education from University of Missouri- Kansas City.  She is the Studio Manager at Westport Yoga and currently completing her 500 RYT .

Lisa’s classes are creative, energetic, challenging and deeply engaging.  She says, “Most of us move through life yearning for freedom and space to ‘be ourselves.’ Yoga provides us an individualized architecture based in thousands of years of collective wisdom. I love yoga because the asanas transform our bodies with intentionality, which then transforms our thoughts, our spirits, our everything. Teaching yoga is teaching people to genuinely listen, to heal, to love, and to be themselves.” Check out Lisa’s website: www.lisaashyoga. com/ and FOLLOW her blog for yoga inspiration!

Maris Aylward

Maris Aylward, RYT 200

“My yoga journey began back home in the Philippines in 2003. Starting a yoga practice and radically changing my diet and habits were among the best decisions I’ve made in my life. In Manila, I explored different styles such as Ashtanga, Bikram, and Vinyasa Flow. As I practiced over the years, I discovered how to nurture myself, to listen to my body, and to be simply grateful for whatever the present moment brings. Yoga started out as a physical activity and slowly evolved into a deeper practice that helps my psychological and spiritual growth. Upon moving to the U.S. in 2010, I started on the path to becoming a yoga teacher. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at KC Fitness Link and Levels 1 and 2 training with Yoga Fit. It brings me great joy to share yoga with my students and to witness them enjoying the many benefits of this wonderful practice.”


jennifer G bio pic

Jennifer Gawin

Jennifer Gawin, M. Ed., RYT 200

 In early 2013, Jennifer purchased a Groupon to Westport Yoga and has been hooked ever since. What started as a way to relieve stress, gain strength, and increase flexibility, evolved into a regular practice in community with others.  A year later, when Kate offered a teacher training program, Jennifer was immediately interested. As a self-described “school nerd,” Jennifer wanted to learn more about the philosophy and history of yoga and proper alignment of postures. In 2014, she was among the first graduating class at Westport Yoga’s Teacher Training. Jennifer finds great joy in teaching yoga so that it is accessible and playful.

In addition to her RYT 200, Jennifer holds a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Education. She currently teaches fifth grade in Raytown, Missouri. You might spot Jennifer in the Westport/West Plaza area walking with her husband, John, and their silly dog Julie.


Lauren Leduc

Lauren Leduc, RYT 200

A deep longing to heal, nurture, and love herself  guided Lauren to yoga in 2001.  Of her journey, she says, “In the depths my greatest darkness, I found that this strange practice of moving and breathing illuminated something within me that I had so desperately needed: a seed of awakening, consciousness, and divine love. That was just the start. For years, I dipped my toes into the waters of yoga, never quite committing to the practice, but always knowing it had a special place inside me. Several years later, in 2011, after health problems and deep depression, I felt supported and motivated to make some major changes in my life and to dive into this healing practice head first.  I kept coming back to the mat, a little stronger each time.”

In 2013, Lauren made one of the best decisions of her life and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training through Frog Lotus Yoga to study under the amazing guidance of Jennifer Yarro and Jennilee Toner in the rain forest of Costa Rica.  “This gave me such a strong foundation, not only in anatomy, asana, philosophy, sequencing, safety, etc, but the foundation of my true self: a woman who now sees her bright, fiery light and wants to share it with others.”

Since then, Lauren has taught over 700 hours of yoga.  She’s also taught internationally, assisting in the 2014 Frog Lotus Teacher Training and co-teaching a retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Her aim is to provide a practice that is challenging, stress-relieving, focused, hands-on, playful, and safe. “Most importantly, through my guidance of the physical practice of yoga, I want to help you find your true self. I want you to feel strong, powerful, spacious, and beautiful. I want to guide you into healing the pain of your past, the worries of your future, and to find this amazing space we call NOW. I want you to know you are capable of the impossible. I want you to find the fiery light inside of you waiting to burst forth. I want us to cultivate so much love, compassion, and peace, that we can’t help but share it with the world. Let’s raise the collective vibration, one breath at a time.”

Nancy Kaul WY

Nancy Kaul

Nancy Kaul, RYT 200

Nancy’s yoga journey began in 2003.  She admits, “though I knew next to nothing about yoga, I’d heard that it could help me increase strength and flexibility and offered tools to reduce stress.  I had no idea when I stepped into that first class how my life would be transformed.  I’ve practiced consistently ever since.” 

Nancy practices and teaches many types of classes from Deep Stretch and Restorative to more vigorous Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.  “I truly believe that if you can breathe, you can practice yoga, and each time you step on the mat is an opportunity to tune in to what your body needs at that moment.”

Nancy studied with a variety of teachers including Christy Burnette, Saul David Raye, Max Strom, Annie Carpenter, and Christina Sell.  She also credits many gifted Kansas City area instructors too numerous to mention.  Nancy is registered with Yoga Alliance; she earned her 200 hour RYT certificate in 2013.

“I have been called the “Yogi Evangelist” because I’ve encouraged so many to experience for themselves the benefits of a regular practice. Join me and see for yourself!” 

Stacy Busch

Stacy Busch,  RYT 200

Stacy first started the physical practice of yoga when she was 18 and looking to make a change in her life.   She says, “I became burnt out as a competitive athlete and wanted to find something that could give me some mental clarity and peace. After my first yoga class, I knew that it was going to be a huge part of my life. I completed my RYT certification when I was 19 and have been teaching ever since.”

Stacy describes the benefit of teaching and practicing at many different studios, experiencing a variety of teachers and practices as helping her truly fall in love with yoga, in all of its forms.  She says: “I’m in awe of how the physical practice represents the spiritual and philosophical principles. To me, every yoga practice is a life practice that provides me with physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.”


Anna rainbolt

Anna Rainbolt

Anna Rainbolt,  RYT 200

Anna was first introduced to Yoga through Bikram in 2010 and from there began her ongoing love affair with all things breath and movement related. She now primarily practices Vinyasa , Hatha, Yin and Pranyama- and is always open to trying new things. In 2011 she moved from Kansas City to Omaha and was introduced to her mentor and teacher, Libba Harmon. Upon meeting Libba, she knew she was ready to explore the art of teaching Yoga and graduated from Libba’s 200hr RYT course in May of 2013. One (of the many) reasons Anna is called to the mat is for the ongoing lessons that our bodies have to share with us. If we can practice staying in tune with our breath, bodies and mind the outside world becomes less of a struggle and more of a graceful acceptance. Anna is excited to unroll her mat next to you and get down with some heart opening, body loving goodness :)