Class Descriptions

Westport Yoga is about community.  We specialize in Gentle Yoga practices, which are perfect for beginners!

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are accessible to a strong beginner who is in good health.   If you are unsure, start with Gentle Practice or Restorative.

As a general rule, from “least experience required” to “most challenging” :

(LEAST) Restorative  –> Yin, Gentle Practice, Sunrise –> Hatha  –> Vinyasa (MOST) 

See our New Student Page for more information.

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All our classes are walk-in, you do NOT need to reserve a spot for any of our classes. **PLEASE NOTE:   Studio doors open 15 minutes prior to each class.

Gentle Practice Yoga

Students will learn basic stretches, preparatory poses, breathing techniques, and proper alignment in a relaxed, non-competitive setting. This class will establish a solid foundation for further practice, and is also a great chance for those with experience to refresh their understanding of the fundamentals.

Restorative Yoga

All students benefit from relaxing deeply. These classes are designed to reduce stress, calm the mind, and passively stretch the body. Come and unwind in a tranquil quiet environment – a perfect counterbalance for a hectic life. During the colder months, it’s a good idea to layer + wear socks in this class.

Sunrise Yoga

These classes are for early risers who like to start their day off with some yoga LOVE! All classes will include Sun Salutations and balancing postures as a way of preparing a level head and body for all that lies ahead. Come start your day happy!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine.  Yin postures are held for extended periods to allow connective tissue to stretch and open which ultimately leads to increased flexibility.  This practice is the perfect balance and counterpart to our more vigorous classes.  Simple floor exercises with an emphasis on breath work and meditation recharge the energetic system of the body while stilling the mind. During the colder months, it’s a good idea to layer + wear socks in this class.

Hatha Yoga 

These classes are great for strong beginners as well as those who wish to deepen and refine their practice. Different than Vinyasa, students will work longer + more deeply with each asana (pose) for a focused practice designed to encourage intelligent exploration.

Vinyasa Flow   

This is a moderately paced class with modifications provided to make the practice accessible to all students.  Asanas are linked together with the breath, which is the primary quality of a Flow Class. Classes are designed to build balance, strength, and focus.  Postures could include standing, seated, twists, backbends, inversions (including shoulderstand and headstand preparation) and the fundamentals of sun salutations.

Happy Hour Yoga

A fun, hour-long, Friday evening class intended to energize, de-stress, and prepare for the weekend! Teachers will be on a rotation, so every week will be something new!


Pregnant? No problem! Most of our classes are very accessible and our instructors have the necessary skills to make your yoga experience beneficial for your pregnancy. Just let your instructor know so that we can make any appropriate adjustments. Most of our teachers also offer private instruction if you want or need a little more one-on-one.  Just send an email to for details.